Make Column in WP or Blogger post


If you need to make column in a post (WordPress or Blogger), what do you do? Don’t worry Just follow these code. Remember all will done in Text Editor or HTML Editor of your platform. <div style=”align: justify; float: left; width: 48%;”> Write your text here-1 </div> <div style=”align: justify; float: right; width: 48%;”> Write…

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Creating a HTML table.

Creating a HTML table. When you write an article in WordPress, Blogger etc., it may need to make a Table. But you don’t know how to create it. You can create a html table by using html code. Here is the code. Change the RED mark. <table border=”2″ style=”width:50%”> <tr> <td>Kamal</td> <td>Hasan</td> <td>50</td> </tr> <tr>…

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