Tutorial To Make Images SEO Friendly In Blogger Blogs

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the best showing off to amassing traffic to your blog.Though you have many posts,without knowing the basic rules of SEO you cant profit more traffic.Most of the supplementary bloggers will be afraid of hearing this term SEO.Search Engine Optimization is nothing but maintaining feel,consiseness and clarity. Coming to Image Optimization 20%…

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Make a Google Friendly Website or Blog, Simple Tutorial

Google Friendly Website

Google Friendly Website At one era A Google-Friendly website intended a website built thus Googlebot could scrape it correctly and rank it accordingly. When I think Google easy to feign to these days  I think a website Google will rank summit, if popular and accessible passable, and wont slip to the lead a f*&^ing stone…

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Tutorial for Unique Article Generating or Article Rewriting

Tutorial for Rewriting or Generating an article: If you are blogger but you have not enough time or you are weak in English not to be worried. This tutorial is for you. You can rewrite or regenerate an article by copy paste. Remember, rewriting is important, because google hate copy paste article. How to Make…

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Create a Free blog, Get Income From Adsense


Create A Free Blog On the BlogSpot and Get Income From Adsense Who are wants income from online, this tutorial is for them. This tutorial will be large, because here are many item. I want to write step by step. Items are: 1. Creating Blog. 2. Article Posting. 3. Unique Article Generating. 4. Theme Customize….

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Make Column in WP or Blogger post


If you need to make column in a post (WordPress or Blogger), what do you do? Don’t worry Just follow these code. Remember all will done in Text Editor or HTML Editor of your platform. <div style=”align: justify; float: left; width: 48%;”> Write your text here-1 </div> <div style=”align: justify; float: right; width: 48%;”> Write…

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Creating a HTML table.

Creating a HTML table. When you write an article in WordPress, Blogger etc., it may need to make a Table. But you don’t know how to create it. You can create a html table by using html code. Here is the code. Change the RED mark. <table border=”2″ style=”width:50%”> <tr> <td>Kamal</td> <td>Hasan</td> <td>50</td> </tr> <tr>…

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