Rooting Android Phone Kingo Android Root

root for customize

Android rooting opened Rooting Android opens going on a world of possibility, but it can then chasm your warranty, or even depart you taking into account a bricked device. Yes, subsequent to it comes to rooting your Android, youll lack to know the support as skillfully as the risks. Manufacturers and carriers have a vested…

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Convert Your Video To GIF image Simple Tutorial

Video To GIF image

You can convert your video file to a .gif file with a simple software. The software size is 1.47 MB. See the following video: This is an image not video. I convert it with a simple software name gifcam. Dowload this software. Run it. Think that it is as a camera. You can click Rec…

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Copy Text from Image

Image to Text: If you have some text in image format, and you need to edit them, you can do this by separate the text from image. You can do this with a software. Download the below software and follow instruction: File>Preference. (Image-1) Add language (Image-2) Double click on Shortcut> Select Image. Tools>Copy from text>Full…

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