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What is Infolinks?

Infolinks, the leading In-Text advertising provider, offers an official WordPress plugin. This plugin enables WordPress Publishers to easily implement this CPC monetizing solution into WordPress sites.

Infolinks is a non-intrusive, content based advertising platform which enables website owners and bloggers alike to turn their content into money. Infolinks supports premium ads and because it is contextual advertising – readers are exposed to content relevant ads when they are most engaged.
Established in 2007 and backed by Primera Capital, Infolinks leads the industry with an attractive business model and guarantees the highest revenue share. Since the company’s incorporation, tens of thousands of websites have integrated Infolinks In-Text ads.

What are In-Text ads?

In-Text Ads look just like regular hyperlinks accept they normally appear with a double underline (although Infolinks offers the option to customize the appearance of the links.)According to Infolinks’ smart algorithm, the highest paying keywords are double underlined and advertisers bid on these keywords in real-time. A simple hover of a mouse over one of these links and a highly relevant ad will then appear to visitors at the time when they are most engaged.

Infolinks In-Text ads operate on a CPC model. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad bubble – they are redirected to the advertiser’s site and the publisher gets paid. It’s that easy!
Infolinks welcomes all WordPress publishers, big and small, to give this plugin a try and experience the next generation of In-Text advertising. There are no sign-up fees, hidden commitments or qualification minimums.

How do you get paid?

Infolinks offers several convenient ways for publishers to receive payments. You can choose your preferred method: PayPal, Bank Wire, ACH (Only for U.S. bank accounts) or Get your Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard (Powered by Payoneer).

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