Water Color by Adobe Photoshop and Hand Scratch

Photoshop Tutorial:

Creating a hand scratch photo with Adobe Photoshop as like as water color sign is simple.
First start your Adobe Photoshop. Click Open and select a colored photo.
Go to layer plate for making a duplicate Layer. Just click on right button of mouse from Layer>Duplicate Layer.
Now Just go to image> Adjustments> Desaturate.
Apply a filter effect, again just go to Filter>Stylize>Find Edges.
Your image will appear like below
Now the time to create another duplicate layer from the original background layer.
Just click on Background layer at bottom, go to layer menu and click on Duplicate Layer.
Now, drag the newly duplicate layer to top. Now click on right button and change the blending mode to “Hard Light” AND change the layer opacity to around 75%.Finally you have done!

Illustrator Tutorial


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